In some cases, we might have a need to transfer user accounts between different Sitecore instances that do not use the shared user accounts storage. In this article, I would like to share my experiences and thoughts on how I completed a successful migration...

Combining existing InsiteCommerce solutions allows the sharing of ecommerce capabilities across several different websites.  This article outlines the major steps involved and explains some of the hardships that might be faced in the areas of managing Content, Settings, and Code when merging Insite solutions.

Consulting is a fast-paced and rewarding environment, in stark contrast to the iterative and perfection-chasing product design environment.  But one thing is constant and should be a top priority: Accessibility

We at XCentium have developed a service that allows us to integrate an InsiteCommerce solution with a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Exact Target account.  Read about what we’ve done to allow Insite to drive specific emails through Exact Target’s robust email management system.

The administration console is the powerhouse of an Insite Software B2B Commerce solution. It is home to advanced configuration options for the product catalog, customer information, search options, and much more. Learn how to extend this console quickly and efficiently to add features that can increase functionality and control.