The new dashboard for Sitecore Forms has a button that allows a user to export their form data to a CSV file. When clicking on that button, you can choose to export all data or a specific date range. Interestingly enough, when that CSV gets generated, it shows up with semi-colons as the delimiter. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be a big deal, except that the export provider forget to tell the file that it uses a semi-colon as the delimiter. This results in the file not gracefully opening in Excel. This popped up in a question on Slack today, and I remembered that we applied a "fix" for this in a project. Read on to see how this is something that can be easily rectified!

It's not uncommon for particular CloudCraze API calls to fail within a test because they aren't executed as a community portal user. One example of this, that we recently encountered, is with regard to the `ccrz.ccApiWishList.create()` method. In order to address scenarios like these we'd need to simulate a CloudCraze Community Portal User. There are a number of challenges that make creating a portal user difficult.

While some developers don’t like unit testing and some even hate it, I think that most will agree that it’s a valuable discipline. In this blog, I give a brief overview and compare two commonly used unit-testing frameworks used for .NET, NUnit and xUnit.

Helix was introduced by Sitecore in 2016 as a set of official guidelines and recommended practices for Sitecore Development. Since then, the Sitecore community has been supporting the Helix initiative and many websites have been built using this approach. A well-known website that was built to demonstrate best practices of the Helix principles and guideline was Habitat.

Out of the Box BizFx displays CategoryToSellableItem association in Category View. And you'd need to paginate through the unsorted Grid to find your sellableItem in the list and disassociate it. This plugin extends SellableItem EntityView in Bizfx with ParentCategories ChildView. This childview would list all parent categories and allows to disassociate it from the SellableItem View.