With more than 40 Develop and IT Sessions in the Developer / IT track at this year’s Sitecore Symposium, it was a challenge to choose which five sessions we are most looking forward to enjoying. A huge kudos to Sitecore, and everyone who submitted sessions, for creating a wide range of relevant content. There is literally content for each level of developer, whether just starting out in the field or already a seasoned developer. Olga Kogan, Sitecore MVP at XCentium, shares five sessions that made her list based on current trends we are seeing with our customers:

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Sitecore Symposium is such a highlight of the year for me. I am looking forward to connecting with colleagues from around the world, exchanging knowledge and learning from each other. One of my favorite groups of people to connect with is those just getting started with Sitecore. I really enjoy their enthusiasm and connecting them with our XCentium team to answer all their questions. Again this year, Sitecore has a robust line up of breakout sessions for new Sitecore enthusiasts. I’m specifically looking forward to these five things in the ‘Getting Started’ track at Sitecore Symposium:


You may have heard of the new Entity Composer released in Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0.2, which allows for a much easier and user friendly way to extend and modify commerce entities. In this short tutorial I will cover how, as a Sitecore Developer, you can leverage this functionality in custom code to more quickly and effectively modify standard out of the box entities in Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.0.2. 

eCommerce has made it easier for SMBs to compete with big companies for consumer attention. Additionally, SaaS-based e-commerce options have further simplified as well as personalized the business process for both SMBs and their target consumers. These SaaS-based options include several highlights which appeal to SMBs as well as make them more equipped to meet the desires of their customers. As a result, the ability for SMBs to lower production costs and scale become more feasible business goals.