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Search is the lynchpin for a commerce modern website. A customer will not buy a product if they can not find it on the website. The major change users experience from a search page 10 years ago vs today is the search suggestions. Search suggestions allow you the ability to recommend the best search and direct the user to the correct page. The following recommendations allow you to create search suggestions that will be fast, relevant and provide the correct results with analytics.

Last year in July 2017 I was hacked. When it happened I felt vulnerable, confused and frustrated. Sadly, the initial response caused me to freeze and put me in pure shock. I could not move and had no idea what to do. I had never experienced or imagined this would happen to me.

Stress testing a website gives the ability to have confidence that when a new website is released that the website will be responsive and handle the expected peak traffic load. In the past, stress testing would usually be implemented by using a simple batch application (wget or tinyget). This would work with the simple request that had a minimal session state, a modern website has complex session state and requires a new approach.

To meet the demands and business requirements it is important to have a commerce website built on a solid foundation. The solid foundation will be created by having a core commerce platform. The platform needs to provide a consistent approach, responsive and distributed architecture. This approach will reduce cost and guarantee an accurate website.

Today businesses are dealing with challenges of  supporting a commerce website. The commerce website have become more complex with the changing business requirements, customer expectations and changes in browser technology and devices. IT departments have commerce solutions that are complex and are difficult to maintain. The commerce solutions get more complex due to requirements with catalog restrictions, customer specific pricing, regulatory compliance, security compliance and merging acquired companies or divisions to a common platform.  This complex website provides a poor shopping experience for the user. The business expects a website that meets the customers increasing demand for a commerce website with an evolving business.