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CloudCraze (CC), the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud offering, allows the creation of customer specific pricing using accounts groups and Price Lists. An account group, as the name implies, is a construct that groups Salesforce accounts. An account group has the advantage of being associated to many pricelists. In this manner it becomes possible to allow a group of customers to use one price list and another group to use an entirely different price list. In addition, there is nothing preventing the setup of an account group for just one single customer. This structure provides a broad array of possible configurations. For an illustration of how this works, please check out my blog.

During one of our recent projects, the customer requested that the check-out flow should call an external order service on SAP prior to saving the order to Cloudcraze.  If the call to the SAP Order API fails we want to show user errors and prevent the order from proceeding.

After working on a few CloudCraze eCommerce websites, one of the most common complaints within clients is that fact that there is no feedback to the user when an 'Add to Cart' button is clicked. There are plenty of ways to design and handle an add to cart event, but in this example, we will leverage a front-end framework that is bundled with CloudCraze, Bootstrap.

CloudCraze (CC) offers a B2B commerce implementation for Salesforce. Even though CC is an unrivaled product within the Salesforce ecosystem, and very complete out of the box, there are always external components that a commerce package needs to integrate with. Most often a B2B system requires external payment processors or tax calculation services, along with shipping services like UPS and FedEx.

One of the key components of any commerce system is its ability to integrate with external web services. This blog post illustrates the basic architectural pattern needed to consume an external web service by walking you through the setup of Authorize.NET.

Integrating with a payment processor is often a major part of any e-commerce project. One of the options that you have available is Paymetric, which is a SaaS company that offers integrated, secure payment acceptance solution. At XCentium, one of our core specialties is CloudCraze and we specialize in customizing and delivering a high-quality e-commerce solution that allows our clients to integrate with any of their existing platforms to deliver a cohesive, seamless experience to their customers