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With the Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Commerce Connect (Connect), Sitecore provides the tools to empower organizations to build the effective, meaningful relationships that win customers for life. Insite Plus Sitecore Connector (IPS) is built on the Sitecore Commerce Connect framework. Recently, we released a new version of the IPS connector.


Our client required a cart that could be accessed from any browser and any computer, when the logged in. For example, if a user creates an order from their work computer, they'll be able to complete it from their home computer. Insite offers a few different cart providers, by default - Generic, ByCustomer, and ByShipTo. These out of the box providers are great! They push the state responsibility to the browser, freeing up the web server's CPU. However, they weren't what the client was looking for. So, I got the exciting opportunity to roll my own cart provider.

Steps to research performance and stability issues with custom code in Insite.

Inheriting from a base class is a great way to reuse common functionality without having redundant blocks of code sprinkled throughout your project.Creating a base class to expose this core functionality promotes cleaner code that is easier to maintain. Read on to see how to create and extend a typescript base class in an Insite project. 

Insite Identity Server allows the ability to customize and extend to meet your business specific needs. The following are the steps to extend Insite to verify the user password against a 3rd party system.