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Recently, I have been working on a requirement where the client wanted to track the media download events and add this data to xDB. The best suitable approach for this would be to associate these events as a custom contact facet. I am planning to post a thread of articles which will address this requirement one blog post at a time. In this blog post, let’s start by defining our custom contact facet...

Have you ever created profiles, goals, or applied personalization and didn’t know if you set it up correctly because you had a hard time testing it?

Sitecore campaigns can be used to encourage and get your users to engage with your site. With Sitecore you can keep track of all activities within the triggered campaign period to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

An engagement plan is a predefined plan that lets you control how your website interacts with some contacts.

Use engagement plans to nurture relationships with your contacts by adapting communication to use the content, channels, and media that are appropriate for each individual interaction.

You just got your freshly new Sitecore site or about to start a new development and don’t have the approved budget to implement Marketing features. Trying to implement marketing features on a budget can be tough but with the right planning, education, and prepping you can put yourself in the right position for when budget becomes available. Below are some tips and thoughts if you are on a tight budget