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There are so many great sessions available at Sitecore Symposium this year! It’s great to see the Sitecore Community put together such a wide variety of topics to learn from. Our XCentium team has put together a few blogs to help highlight sessions that are helpful depending on what you’re looking to learn. Our blog series includes session tips for beginners and seasoned pros, as well as sessions where you can find XCentium.

If you’re new to Sitecore, the choices may seem entirely overwhelming. Having been in these same shoes several years ago, I wanted to write this blog to help point you in the right direction. Here are eight sessions that would be well worth your time to attend.

After years spent honing our Sitecore craft and working with clients, our XCentium team is pretty attune to what Sitecore users are needing to learn. Our team and our clients have been putting in extra hours to create the best content to help you make the most of your time at Sitecore Symposium. I am so proud of my coworkers – and thankful for our clients - as they have literally put together content for category of Sitecore user. In addition to speaking to these topics, we are happy to meet privately for a complimentary consultation to help you leverage your Sitecore investment. A sampling of the topics we will be speaking on include Making the Case for your Sitecore Project, Simplifying Sitecore and Sitecore SaaS, Digital Strategy and Personalization, DevOps, and Building Your Women of Sitecore Tribe. 

A few months back, I wrote a blog on how much the “Live Engagement” space, now known as “Conversational Commerce” has evolved over the last six years. To keep the conversation going, here is the next installment on chatbot success. In the interest of keep these reads short, I will be breaking this into two articles:

  • This post highlights the current business circumstances and the consequences of what we are seeing with chatbots today
  • My next article will feature how Sitecore and their ecosystem of partners can take chatbots to where they need to be.

We have all been very excited about a major transition from Sitecore 8x architecture to Sitecore 9 - xConnect, Dynamic Placeholders, back to the roots movement from Mongo to SQL and various other features. I was particularly interested to dissect and understand the new architecture of Sitecore 9. Sitecore community is abuzz with conversations around microservices, numerous logical system roles or entities. And there’s about 50 of them! And they can be scaled and configured in a wide variety of topologies to form a tailored Sitecore solution for specific business requirements. What about which topology/product uses which combination of roles? Do they overlap?

In early 2019, our team met to consider which new Sitecore Experience Commerce innovations would be both technically feasible and valuable to companies. I am honored to share our recent contributions that have been spearheaded by several ecommerce visionaries on our XCentium team including Amrit Raj (Founder and Partner), Kautilya Prasad (Director), Balaji Thirumeninathan (Senior Project Manager) and Srikanth Kondapally (Architect).