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This post is the second part of a two-path walkthrough on creating configuring Visual Studio solutions for your Sitecore Commerce 9 implementation. The 1st part, Creating Sitecore Commerce Engine Solution with Visual Studio, explains the structure of and provides guidance on creating Commerce Engine solution, which is usually deployed on all four instances that run Sitecore Commerce Engine (Authoring, Shops, Minions and Ops). This part covers the website solution, which will run on your Sitecore CM and CD instances. It is possible to merge Commerce Engine and Sitecore website code into one solution, but more practical to keep them separate as they are meant for connected, but different environments, rely on different frameworks and often even built by different people.

We’ve got a situation once where Sitecore Commerce catalog data got corrupted in Sitecore, which led to all kinds of issues due to Sitecore being unable to read or index Commerce items. No meaningful information in Sitecore and Commerce Engine logs, no clues whatsoever, Sitecore would just freeze when trying to read catalog data. IIS reset would unfreeze it, but only until it tries to read catalog data again… Took a while to figure this one out, but here is the solution that worked for us.

Using Sitecore PowerShell can be a quick yet powerful way to read data from Commerce Catalog and update Sitecore items, associated with Commerce Catalog, something we needed to do quite often. This post provides few examples that can reused in similar use-cases

The Sitecore Commerce Engine comes with a project that is used to generate proxy after you have added your custom endpoints. This blog talks about how to generate that proxy with latest version of Odata packages.

Submit Visitor Order found stopped and dead in its tracks! Culprit leaving only mysterious UI clues and cryptic log messages like "Commerce.RedeemPromoCode" and "Component Execution Failed for Component [0x0]”. Will our fearless investigators be able to solve this mystery before  time stops ticking and the project is deployed to live?

Will order be restored before its too late?

Find out in today's episode of The Sitecore Commerce Case Files!

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