Best in Industry Online Ordering with the Sitecore and OLO Connector

Sitecore + OLO

The Best in Industry in Online Ordering

Sitecore + OLO Connector helps create best online ordering, improving guest experiences.


XCentium announced they created a best-in-industry online ordering experience for restaurant guests by building a connector between Sitecore and OLO, enabling customers to stay on a restaurant's website for their entire ordering experience. Before looking at the benefits of the new connector, considering the following dining guest statistics from Toast's 3rd Annual Restaurant Technology report:

  • 73% of diners say restaurant technology improves their guest experience
  • 81% of diners used a restaurants website to place on online order


In comparison, restaurants are struggling to keep up with technology demands of their customers. While 95% of restaurant owners say technology helps create business efficiencies, statistics from the National Restaurants Association's Mapping the Technology Landscape report show there is still enormous potential for restaurants to get ahead of their competition:

  • 37% of restaurants offer online orderin
  • Only 12% of restaurants consider their operations to be leading-edge 


XCentium collaborated with Sitecore, the leading Digital Experience Platform according to Gartner Magic Quadrant, to create the Sitecore + OLO Connector, enabling restaurants like Applebees and iHop to serve up the entire online ordering process directly on their site, creating a truly seamless and branded, end to end customer ordering experience. Features of the Sitecore + OLO Connector include:

  • Machine learning and personalization: Tailor every customer’s experience by adapting to their needs in context. The Sitecore® Experience Database™ captures preferences, persona matches, and behavior—including carts, orders, and search criteria—for every single customer, and every individual experience. The resulting 360-degree customer profile enables a powerful customer experience.
  • Analytics: Capture every interaction, goal and conversion, throughout their entire omnichannel journey.
  • Mobile first: Online ordering enables customers to order wherever they are
  • Restaurant search: Combining OLO with Sitecore’s Geo IP ensures all potential customers can find you
  • Scalability: With the Sitecore + OLO connector deployed on Microsoft’s Azure Web Services, your site will easily handle high traffic days
  • Truly omnichannel: Sitecore headless development + the OLO connector enables you to deliver great experience on any interface, including mobile apps, wearables, kiosks, or in-car systems


The Sitecore Experience Platform + the OLO Connector connects you with everything you need to know about your customers to deliver digital hospitality experiences that are shaped by your customer’s interaction history and context, transforming prospects into loyal fans. Owning the experience for each unique customer, from awareness to advocacy and from one order to the next—that’s how you develop lifetime customer relationships.


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