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The annual Sitecore Symposium is right around the corner! Our XCentium team has put together leading edge content with you in mind. Please see below for Sitecore Symposium sessions, demos, articles and more. If you are interested in making an appointment to chat with one of our experts, please click the image below. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

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XCentium: Book a time to learn to manage the content crisis at Sitecore Symposium XCentium: Book a time to learn about the American Heart Association path to personalization XCentium: Book a time to learn to about upgrades made easy with Sitecore SaaS at Sitecore Symposium.

XCentium: Book a time to learn about Sitecore Connect for rel= XCentium: Book a time to learn about pain free Sitecore rel= XCentium: Book a time to learn Accelerate Your rel=

XCentium: Book a time to learn to set up relevant Commerce payments at scale XCentium: Book a time to learn delivered personalized Commerce XCentium: Book a time to learn how Subscription Commerce can multiple your revenue at Sitecore Commerce.


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 Join XCentium for "Sitecore Made Simple: How it's easier than ever to upgrade" before the kickoff to Sitecore Symposium. Join us for the Women of Sitecore: Facing Key Challenges in the Digital and Technology Industry session at Sitecore Symposium

Join XCentium for Simplifying Sitecore for Mid-Sized Organizations: How to achieve your digital goals at Sitecore Symposium. XCentium: Book a time to learn how to effect change and improve process and agility at Sitecore Symposium.

Join XCentium to learn why commerce is important even when profits are not at Sitecore Symposium. XCentium: Book a time to learn how to get SaaS-y with Sitecore and amp up your frontend development at Sitecore Symposium.

Join XCentium for "Putting the "R" in ROI: How the New England Biolabs exceptional customer journeys pays dividends" at Sitecore Symposium. Join XCentium for Recurring Commerce Revenue: There is no sub for subscriptions at Sitecore Symposium.

Connect with our  XCentium team of Sitecore experts at the 2019 Sitecore Symposium.

Martin Knudsen, XCentium Partner Steve Miller, XCentium Craig Kauffman, Vice President of Digital

Matt Kloss, XCentium Phil Bui, XCentium Amy Macgowan, XCentium

Kautilya Prasad, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Sitecore Architect at XCentium Samantha Goble, Director, Client Services Meet Sergio Nunez, Director of Business Development at XCentium

Uy Tran, XCentium Adam Bezemek, XCentium, Manager, Front End Development Owo Owolawi, Sitecore Commerce MVP

Olga Kogan, XCentium Srikanth Kondapally, Sitecore Commerce MVP Aaron Bickle, XCentium

 John Montes, XCentium Senior Developer Yassine Alahyane

Brian Henderson, Architect at XCentium. Leslie Jasper, Frontend Developer at XCentium