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Search is the lynchpin for a commerce modern website. A customer will not buy a product if they can not find it on the website. The major change users experience from a search page 10 years ago vs today is the search suggestions. Search suggestions allow you the ability to recommend the best search and direct the user to the correct page. The following recommendations allow you to create search suggestions that will be fast, relevant and provide the correct results with analytics.

Last year in July 2017 I was hacked. When it happened I felt vulnerable, confused and frustrated. Sadly, the initial response caused me to freeze and put me in pure shock. I could not move and had no idea what to do. I had never experienced or imagined this would happen to me.

Security breaches of IT systems have been in the news frequently. Multiple companies have seen multi-million dollar expenses due to a security breaches. The cost of a security data breach has frequently exceeded $350 million for Fortune 500 companies.  To minimize the risk of the liability for a security breach a company must have a secure infrastructure and public website.

A secure website and infrastructure is import to minimize your companies liability due to a security breach. The primary tool to secure and harden your infrastructure is a security audit. The audit will review the infrastructure and process to identify how secure your website is. If your website is secure, great you are done. If your website is not secure you will need to invest and secure your public website.

Sitecore out of box uses Log4net to handle all logging requirements. Log4net is the industry standard open source project to handle all logging requirements. One of the benefits of Log4net is the ability to customize and create unique logging requirements with the majority use cases only requiring a configuration. Below is how to extend and customize Log4net to support edge cases that are not supported out of the box.