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Now that XBlog, a blogging module for Sitecore, has been out for over a year we have seen a few bumps in the road.  It is expected as it’s all part of the software lifecycle.  One specific area the XBlog community has specifically identified as being a bit difficult is the Wordpress import.  

Recently I had a client who reported problems with the geo ip service data with Sitecore 7.2.  They use the information returned, specifically your country, to determine if you need to be redirected to a new site.  But in some situations a user would not see that redirection occur until the next page load.

Have you ever tried to troubleshoot an instance where a URL looks something like /ILike/Pizza , but when you drilled down to it in the content tree, there is no “Pizza” under the “ILike” item?  Don’t panic!  Your pizza will be found!  

Before I started working with Sitecore exclusively so many years ago, my day to day work involved a lot more database interaction.  Of course a good chunk of that time was with PHP and MySQL but the concept was the same.  Write database calls that got you what you wanted while limiting the trips back to the server.

Here is a basic Sitecore tip, but I think a good one.  If you ever have a need to place a setting in the web.config Sitecore has a great tool to introduce a fallback in case your setting ever gets accidentally removed.