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Back in Februrary, I had the misfortune of having to miss Dallas' first Sitecore User Group meetup of the year, in which Michael West was going to be talking about Sitecore Powershell Extensions. At the time I was just getting familiar with PowerShell (and SPE) in general, so this was a session I was expecting to be able attend and learn a lot from. Knowing I wouldn't be able to make it, I reached out to Michael and asked him to record the session. The next day, I got a link to the video and was pretty blown away by what he had to show. Data Sync is an extension he had been working on to facilitate data imports from external sources. In the video, he coined it the "DEF killer"; he might just be right... Read on to learn more about what Data Sync is, and the things it can help you do.

These days, performance and response times for web are more important than ever. It's very easy to lose a visitor when your page takes too long to load. One of the ways to improve performance of your site is to leverage a CDN for delivering static assets (CSS, JS, images, etc.). CDNs are great because they keep load off of your servers, and they often come with some built in optimization that can be leveraged to further improve your site's performance. However, many CDNs are a black box when it comes to knowing what is in the cache and what isn't. Sometimes you need to bust something out of the cache to ensure you are getting the latest version of an asset. In my case, we were leveraging Sucuri and I needed to bust some poorly optimized (fuzzy) images. Enter Sitecore Powershell Extensions, and an API call. Click to see how easy SPE makes things!

Sitecore 9 Forms is a powerful upgrade from WFFM. It provides a simple interface that allows the user to easily create forms on demand, and collect information from their visitors. For longer forms, the creation process can be a bit tedious and repetitive. This prompted me to leverage Sitecore PowerShell to create a script that will parse a JSON file and generate a form. Now the repetitive stuff can be managed via copy/paste. All of the scripts and an installation package can be found over at GitHub: Sitecore - Json To Forms. Continue reading to learn more about the thought process that brought these scripts to life.