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In early 2019, our team met to consider which new Sitecore Experience Commerce innovations would be both technically feasible and valuable to companies. I am honored to share our recent contributions that have been spearheaded by several ecommerce visionaries on our XCentium team including Amrit Raj (Founder and Partner), Kautilya Prasad (Director), Balaji Thirumeninathan (Senior Project Manager) and Srikanth Kondapally (Architect).

This post is a quick a "getting started" guide to help new Sitecore Commerce developers to create and run their first Commerce Engine solution.

Many online shops allow for the use of coupons and promotion codes.

Some Sitecore Experience Commerce shops even allow the customer to use a promo code and pay for the order at a later date.

But what happens if the promotion is set to expire before the customer pays the balance on the order? 

In this case, it would be satisfying for the customer to be alerted that the promo will be expiring soon, and if payment isn’t received by the expiration date, the promo will be removed from the order.

Read this blog post to learn more on how to accomplish this feature!

This post is a quick high-level summary, describing how Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 (SXC) data is persisted in its databases and how to read and understand those database records. Below are some of the details on Commerce databases and tables, a quick summary which might be useful to Development and QA teams, starting on SXC 9 and need a quick walkthrough before diving deep into SXC9 documentation.

Early in the spring, I attended Salesforce World Tour in Boston and consistently heard from a couple local Salesforce Account Executive that Salesforce Connections is an awesome event for B2B Commerce. As XCentium has been planning for the conference, in parallel, I have been getting reach outs from a variety of other software partners who want to connect next week in Chicago   including Amplience, Bloomreach, Coveo, Mirakl and Sitecore. Then yesterday, I noticed Ray Grady’s LinkedIn post on growth in the B2B Commerce Partner Ecosystem which includes a bunch more companies involved in the AppExchange and my anticipation has now peaked. If you're looking to learn the latest in B2B Connected Commerce, here are five key sessions for your agenda builder.