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Few years ago, I had written a blog on how to quickly view the actual physical file location of a presentation rendering/sublayout from within presentation settings of a sitecore item in content editor (View presentation control code path). That was on Sitecore 8.1. As mentioned there, it is very useful especially when you are mid-way in a Sitecore project or are in the process of reviewing client's existing Sitecore project. 

Today I am going to talk about viewing the presentation file location from within Sitecore 9.2 experience editor itself.


I am sure you must be surprised with the topic here. We all know how to open a link on a new window using the "Target" attribute, and we can set this up on the Sitecore field level when using the "General Link" field. In other words, along with the field value we can also specify the target attribute value in there. But what if there is a situation where we have thousands and thousands of such sitecore items with various values for "General Link" pointing to Sitecore media file of type say "pdf" and you wish to now change those ("General Link") values to indicate the Target to open on a new window. Earlier it was specified with the default same window.

In the latest version of Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.1.0, a new feature called Direct Navigation has been introduced which allows users to navigate directly to the commerce categories and products. In this blog post, I will go over the details on how this works…

Sitecore components and placeholder are one of the main tools that allow content editors to take charge of a page, and control what a site visitor might see. It is often necessary to design components with ease-of-use, as well as re-use in mind. One of the drawbacks of the standard Sitecore placeholder is that it cannot be used multiple times on the same page; Sitecore ends up populating all instances of that placeholder with the same content. This was a problem for me in a recent project, which prompted me to create a Dynamic Placeholders extension. For this post, I will be sharing the process I went through to get Dynamic Placeholder functional in a Sitecore MVC project.

Sitecore provides us an option to add data source location for a particular rendering. For a multisite Sitecore solution, setting up a Datasource location to be a query will be very helpful as it resolves the location based on the site in which they are adding a rendering. In this article, I will discuss my experience and an issue I found with using queries for Datasource location…