ISACA Launches New

Sites to Drive Future

Member Engagement

ISACA Launches New Sites on Sitecore Experience Commerce Platform to Drive Future
Member Engagement and Digital Transformation


ISACA works with XCentium to deliver full UI/UX, CMS, Commerce and Cloud capabilities as they embark on their next 50-year journey



As an independent, nonprofit, global association, ISACA engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for the information systems industry. Hitting a 50-year milestone is a huge accomplishment for the leaders of ISACA. Founded in 1969, ISACA currently serves more than 150,000 constituents (members and professionals holding ISACA certifications) in more than 180 countries. Considering ISACA serves members in the technology sector, it was fitting that they chose to fully rebrand their site on a modern CMS, adding commerce functionality and increasing digital access for constituents to help drive future member engagement and retention for their next 50 years.


ISACA Launches New Sites on Sitecore Experience Commerce Platform to Drive Future Member Engagement and Digital Transformation 


ISACA had selected Sitecore Experience and Sitecore Experience Commerce platform for their digital initiative and was looking for a partner that could help them through their digital journey:

  • Understand ISACA’s commitment to their member community and their diverse needs around membership management, chapter management, conferences, certifications, exams, commerce, etc.
  • Understand multi-country requirements around content, compliance, GDPR, WCAG, taxes, trade compliance, etc.
  • Work with ISACA on a multi-site solution covering member experience, public/guest experience, commerce, customer-service experience and internal admin experience
  • Design and deploy the solution on a multi-region cloud environment with built-in scalability, redundancy, security and disaster-recovery capabilities
  • Integrate the solution with ISACA internal applications as well as numerous 3rd party and partner applications for LMS, Commerce, Compliance, Marketing Automation, SSO, Certifications, etc.
  • Have deep knowledge of the Sitecore platform and Microsoft Azure Cloud




ISACA and XCentium worked together in designing, building and deploying the ISACA Web 3.0 roadmap and solution on the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform and MS Azure cloud. The roadmap calls for a multi-phase rollout and deployment plan that would provide ISACA:

  • A content site to fully engage all ISACA constituents
  • Members site for conferences, commerce, etc.
  • Chapter Leader Portal site for ISACA chapter leaders to interact with ISACA
  • Customer Service and Admin Portal site for ISACA internal staff for customer management, order management, product/catalog management, content management, experience management and pricing-promotion management

The solution was developed using Sitecore Experience Commerce 9, MS Azure Cloud, SOLR cluster and multiple 3rd party integrations internal ISACA applications.




The initial launch of ISACA’s sites which included conference site, admin portal, chapter leader portal and preview site has been well received by ISACA board, members and internal staff. The new solution is fully WCAG compliant. Additionally, ISACA marketing now has more control and flexibility on managing content, without involving IT.
The solution also gives ISACA and XCentium a framework to deploy additional roadmap features including geo-based pricing, member-based pricing, Exams, membership management, Membership, Certifications, subscriptions, Bookstore, etc.




ISACA is an international professional association focused on IT governance. ISACA currently serves more than 110,000 constituents (members and professionals holding ISACA certifications) in more than 180 countries. The job titles of members are such as IS auditor, consultant, educator, IS security professional, regulator, chief information officer, chief information security officer and internal auditor. They work in nearly all industry categories. There is a network of ISACA chapters with more than 200 chapters established in over 80 countries. Chapters provide education, resource sharing, advocacy, networking and other benefits.

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“XCentium was able to quickly integrate with our organization, understand our needs, develop and guide us in the implementation of a cutting edge Sitecore and Sitecore Commerce solution. They were able to implement complex ideas in a logical manner, which now enables us to easily scale and roll out new products and remaining features with ease. XCentium is not just a vendor but is a part of our team and we look forward to our continued collaboration.”

Narayanan Krishnan
Senior Director of Information Technology, ISACA

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“It was a great honor to have an association like ISACA trust our XCentium team to integrate a complex, multi-site Sitecore and Sitecore Commerce solution to help them drive constituent engagement into the future,” shared Amrit Raj, Managing Partner at XCentium. “Our team has enjoyed collaborating with the ISACA and Sitecore teams to create this comprehensive CMS and Commerce solution. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them and delighting their constituents with more engaging enhancements to come.”

Amrit Raj
Managing Partner, XCentium


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