XCentium Launches Plugin to Enable Subscription Capabilities For Sitecore Experience Commerce


Los Angeles, CA, May 7, 2019 — XCentium, an award-winning digital consultancy, announced today that they have created and launched a Subscription plugin that enables Sitecore Experience Commerce clients to sell subscriptions to their customers. XCentium is proud to be the first Sitecore partner to enable this capability on the Sitecore Experience Commerce™ platform.

With the Subscription Box Industry booming, it is more important than ever for companies is to be able to leverage their ecommerce solution to claim their share of this $2.6 Billion dollar industry. According to a recent Fast Company article, there were 3,500 subscription box services as of October of 2018, an increase of 40% from the year before. While the Subscription Box industry is a small slice of the entire retail market, 15% of shoppers have signed up for one of more subscriptions to receive products on a recurring basis, frequently through monthly boxes. (Forbes)

While the additional constant revenue source is appealing to companies, what is ultimately important is to stay relevant by delivering an engaging customer experience, in the channel customers want to be reached. While millennials unsurprisingly lead the way (31% currently subscribed and another 38% planning to in the next six months), even baby boomers are signing up. Although only 8% of baby boomers currently subscribe, 22% plan to do so in the next six months. (Forbes)

“Subscription Commerce provides our clients with a way to stay repeatedly in front of their customers, while providing a constant source of additional revenue. Fashion, Health, Beauty, Organic Food, Eco Products, Kids, Crafts & Activities are common categories for subscriptions. By using the plugin architecture of Sitecore Experience Commerce™, we quickly developed a framework for subscription commerce. This gives business users more flexibility by allowing them to configure subscription products dynamically in Sitecore Experience Commerce, using business tools,” shares Kautilya Prasad, Director of the Sitecore Experience Commerce practice at XCentium and architect of the Sitecore Experience Commerce Subscription plugin.  “Clients can now tag any product in the catalog to allow subscription purchases. Their customers will then see a subscribe and save option online, start the check out process, get a discount for the subscription and complete their order. It is a win-win situation for everyone.”

XCentium's Subscription Commerce plugin is functionally and technically valuable for those organizations looking to incorporate a recurring billing and processing feature within their Sitecore Commerce system,” shares Phil Bui, Vice President of the Sitecore Experience Commerce practice at XCentium. Configuring the frequency of fund capture, discount amounts, and the products that a shopper may opt-in for such recurring products/services becomes a snap through the Subscription Commerce plugin's extended business tool interface. Additionally, the plugin's integration to Braintree ensures that the system is secure, reliable, and PCI compliant.”

Clients who are interested in learning how they can launch subscriptions as part of their Sitecore Experience Commerce strategy are encouraged to contact XCentium directly. In the future, XCentium will be releasing this Sitecore Experience Commerce Subscription plugin on GitHub. If developers would like early access to this plugin in exchange for feedback on ways to develop it further. To contact XCentium for either of these requests, please email info@xcentium.com


About XCentium

XCentium is an award-winning, full-service digital consultancy. We deliver engaging customer experiences on User Experience, Content Management, Commerce, CRM, and Cloud.  XCentium is a Sitecore Platinum Partner, Platinum Insite Commerce Partner, Salesforce Consulting Partner and Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. For more information, please visit XCentium.com. For inquiries, please contact info@xcentium.com.


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