When installing SXC 9.1, you may run across an issue where no default SXA site is created after installation.

This blog post provides an approach using 7-Zip to solve this problem.

A few months back, I wrote a blog on how much the “Live Engagement” space, now known as “Conversational Commerce” has evolved over the last six years. To keep the conversation going, here is the next installment on chatbot success. In the interest of keep these reads short, I will be breaking this into two articles:

  • This post highlights the current business circumstances and the consequences of what we are seeing with chatbots today
  • My next article will feature how Sitecore and their ecosystem of partners can take chatbots to where they need to be.

Now that you’ve nailed the discovery by following part one of this series, we’ll spend some time going through the technical setup. This post will include the installation steps up to creating a Sitecore tenant with commentary along the way. 

If you're using Salesforce CRM and Sitecore you may also be considering leveraging the CRM Connect from Sitecore to synchronize contacts and campaign data between the two systems. This is the first post in a series outlining the process of discovery through delivery. In this first post we’ll be walking through discovery; one of the most often overlook portions of the process to help ensure your integration is a success.


There are many articles talking about creating custom facets and https://briancaos.wordpress.com/2015/07/16/sitecore-contact-facets-create-your-own-facet/ is a good one I suggest. Here i will describe steps involved in actually viewing these facet values from inside Sitecore Experience Profile.